It’s Trump’s Economy Stupid

3 Mar
During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, strategist James Carville coined the phrase “the economy stupid,” with “it’s the economy stupid” becoming the more common variation. The phrase was in reference to the economy that was taking place under the George...
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Trump’s incompetence

26 Feb
By Gene Pike The new Trump administration, conducting themselves as if on a TV reality show, has proven to the American people and the world that they can create turmoil and controversy. In the four weeks after taking office, a...
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Trump Victorious, America Not

19 Jan
By Gene Pike After the most tumultuous presidential primary perhaps ever in American history. A primary that heard some of the ugliest statements made by a candidate. A candidate who ran a campaign of dysfunction and divisiveness, with a racially...
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All Hail Trump

31 Oct
By Gene Pike   The Republican Party nominated Donald Trump as their 2016 candidate for president in July. He ran his primary campaign by appealing to the far right – people that want to believe that the country has been...
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Voters 2016

22 Oct
By Gene Pike, Edited By Danielle Pike   All three presidential debates between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton are now history. There was a reported 84, 66, and 71 million viewers respectfully, with the first setting...
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